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We are one of the best Design firm lead by registered Architects in Delhi. We as a team offers Architectural services if you are planning :

New Construction

starting new construction on empty land

Demolish & Build

demolishing old & constructing new


changing structure & system in building


Our Expertise

We are a team of young architects who are fueled by passion and innovation. Irrespective of size of a project, we always aim to create unique spaces that are highly aesthetic and functional. We have expertise in :


We have an expertise in providing house design with efficient layout planning. We also take care of your any other requirements whether you need a specific form or design as per vaastu shashtra.


An office space is more than just computers, furniture and cubicle walls. A good office design can not only increases your productivity but also enhance your brand image and value means more growth.


There are wide variety of comm. spaces so are our designs, we provide architectural services for : retail / shop / showroom, restaurant design, commercial centers & shopping complex  design etc.


We are top leading architectural designing firm in Delhi – NCR for : boutique hotels & spa design, Guest house design, cottage design, large hall design, banquet hall & large party hall design.

How We Work ?

As a service provider, we understand that every client’s requirement & preferences are unique, therefore our method of working is flexible to address your needs effectively and to deliver 100% satisfaction. Broadly, you can connect us in 2 ways

design consultancy services in delhi

Design Consultancy

includes these steps,

1. Initial Consultation and Schematic Design

We together, define the purpose and basic requirements for your building with general design ideas and providing a rough sketch of how the building will be organized with a rough estimate of construction.

Initial consultation is always free contact us now

2. Design Development

Once a scheme is chosen, we develop rough sketch into a working set of plans and elevations, finalizing spaces, materials & costing. Not only this we also visualize the proposed design in 3D for free so that you can get an idea of what your built space will look like without even before starting the actual work on site.

3. Construction Document

We provide complete set of drawings and specifications that will be used for construction & other approvals. We will also coordinate with other consultants such as structural, or mechanical engineers depending on project’s complexity or as required by law. Rest sourcing materials/ contractor/ vendors comes under your (client’s) scope of work.

Design - Build

 includes all design consultancy steps and,

Construction Management

In Design – Build process, with Consultancy we also manage the whole construction process from start to finish. With the team of highly experienced and skilled contractors & consultants we ensure you following during whole construction process,

Ensuring Timely Delivery of project

As we manage the whole process of designing & construction, we will provide you the detailed timeline of whole construction process and ensure to deliver the project in estimated time frame.

Ensuring No cost Overrun

With per-planned timeline of whole construction process and working strictly within defined materials and design we ensure no cost over-runs.

Ensuring Quality of Construction

With regular site supervision and known vendors we ensure the quality of construction & materials will strictly as per design.


    1. Design Consultancy : This method is best when you have an experience in construction and want to appoint your known contractor or team for managing whole construction process including vendors/ consultants & material sourcing. This method gives you the freedom of doing construction in your flexible time frames.
    2. Design Build : This method is best when you have no prior experience in construction and want to assign us as a single point of contact for both design and construction. This method ensures the responsibility for supervision, quality check and construction as per design on us.

If any of the above method doesn’t suits your need, please call or meet us in person, we are always flexible in our working method to deliver 100 % client satisfaction. We assure you to provide best services & that’s what makes us one of the best team of architects in Delhi.

The hardest & the most challenging part for any individual is framing requirements for a project. We often stuck with our at-present needs or at the visual aspect (think of it as every time when you saw a beautiful eye-catchy space and say – oh! i need my space to be like this) & overlook the much important thing i.e, vision for the future needs. Therefore framing your requirements with broader vision and long terms planning is good.

Connect to us and we together, define the requirements for your space with site assessment on how you can gain the maximum efficiency of your space that suits and fulfill your requirements and remember that our initial consultations are always free and if at any point you do not wish to continue any further then there is no obligation.

Building or renovating your home, offices and other spaces is potentially one of the biggest investment of our lives. Without a good budget planning or working with unqualified & unregistered Architect can make you spending a lot more money for the same work.

We are one of the few architects in Delhi that drive every project with innovation and creativity throughout designing & construction process. A good design and effective construction techniques not only lower down the overall construction cost but also helps in cutting down the maintenance cost in future.

And if you are planning to manage construction part yourself, the best practice is to always take quotation of the same work from 2 or 3 vendors or contractors to get a fair idea of rate.

You can also try our construction cost calculator to get an idea of construction cost instantly (for home/residential only – we will also add cost calculator for commercial & other building types in near future.) Or connect us for free Initial consultation which involve framing your requirements, rough sketch of building layout with estimation.

It is a fact that drawings & 2D layouts cannot give a clear picture of end product for anyone who is not acquainted with reading construction drawings. We are among the few Architects in Delhi NCR having in-house 3D Visualization team which can visualize each and every corner of proposed space in 3D so you can get an exact idea of end product without even starting the actual work on site.

Building a space takes time and without a proper time planning for every individual work will delay completion date to another extra days or even months, which indirectly means budget over-runs.

Therefore always ensure to get a detailed timeline of work and carefully read time related clause in documents before starting the construction work.

Whenever you are planning a new construction, keep these factors in mind to ensure quality of construction:

1. To work with registered architect and experienced team of consultants and contractors.

2. Clearly read all the materials specification mentioned in documents & ask if in doubt.

3. Ensure defect liability period in contract in case to carry out remedial case correctly.

We are one of the best Architects in Delhi -NCR. As a team of Govt. registered & qualified  Architects, You can trust us in ensuring highest quality of work with complete transparency in process.

Specific Area Design

We are not just limited to brick & mortar, having an expertise in design field means we are well versed in technical details & know how of every design process for your specific (we would say special) needs. We can convert your requirements into a creative & functional design.

elevation of a house

Facade / Front Elevation Design

The first view of any building space is its elevation, people usually judge the building by its elevation design rather than how functional it is. You can hire us for designing building elevation only. We have an expertise in designing elevation that is unique and harmonious.

Roof Top & Open Area Design

Everyone realized the value of open areas & balcony in building during the lock down phase in pandemic. People usually take these spaces as “not so important” areas, but a good design of these spaces can transform your overall  space to much extent.

balcony design
art installation in delhi

Stall & Kiosk Design

Whether you are planning a kiosk / stalls for retail sales, health care screening, or for any other purpose, it must quickly meet user’s  needs for relevant content and should make products highly visible. We as designers, expert in designing kiosk / stalls  with appealing aesthetics and a valuable functionality.

Art Installations & Temporary Structures

We believe that art installations are important part of architecture. Its a three dimensional work that are very site specific and designed to transform the perception of the space. Our curiosity & continuous experiments within this field makes us best architects in Delhi NCR for any art installation related work.

art installation in delhi

Stuck in various thoughts like – requirements, budget, how to start ?

We understand that every project needs a unique approach in terms of requirements and designing. Therefore our Initial consultations are always free. Do call us or meet in person.