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Design home in low budget

design home in low budget
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Introduction: (you can skip this if you want and directly move to main topic : design home in a low budget)

Everyone wants a beautiful home. But the whole crux in renovating or redesigning your home is budget. What if we say that you can still design your home in a very low budget ?

What is a beautiful Home?

There is no one on this entire planet who doesn’t want a beautiful home to live. However, the definition of beauty changes from person to person. For someone-a small wooden cabin on a mountain without luxurious furniture can be a home of dreams. Or for someone –a beautiful home can be a flat, on one of the top floors in high-rise with fully automated fixtures. In conclusion, the first thing you need to understand is what your desire is? Or what a beautiful home means to you?

Every good or ideal home consist of 2 things. First-a good architecture of the space and second, a good interior design.

Let’s not focus on architecture part for now. Home Architecture is a vast topic and cannot be cover in one article. Therefore, We will cover that in another series of (upcoming) articles with in-depth discussion on cost, design, requirements etc.

The topic we will be discussing today is Home Interior design. And How can you design your home in low budget?

First let see if you require an Interior designer for your space or not because some things can only be handle professionally.

Do I really need Interior designer for every work?

You don’t require an interior designer if quantum of your work is low. Or if you just require purchasing of furniture & other accessories you already made mind on. Interior design services are require when there is lot of other complexities involve in a project like space planning or M.E.P works. Therefore,this blog is helpful when your home designing work does not require any complex services like plumbing, electrical (talking about doing it on a large scale)

How to design home in low budget?

You don’t really require a lot of money to design your home. A good home interior is not consist of expensive furniture or material but by creating balance within space. This helps in achieving harmony & unity.

The “planning part” to design home in low budget

Its a proven fact that a good planning can save you money and gives you a direction. Just keep two things in mind during the whole process. i.e, Harmony & Unity

By harmony, we don’t want you to just play a good music in a room and think you are done! Harmony in interior design means a consistent and pleasing placement of every component in a room.

For realizing this by an example, think of your any past experience. Any piece of furniture? that you always wanted to replace because it never fit into your room either because of its size or design. That piece of furniture was breaking harmony of your room. Get it? Creating harmony is not a rocket science, it is just about how to place everything in a room to create a pleasing visual experience.

And here by unity we don’t want you to achieve it by sticking everything together side by side.

Unity in interior design refers to the repetition of particular elements or a piece throughout your design.For example colors, shapes or materials — to pull the whole look together.

Trends will come and go but these two things are the backbone for any interior design work. Every professional interior designer uses these two rules while designing a space.By following these two points you can design any home in low budget. Therefore always keep these two things in mind while doing your home interior.

Now let’s focus on “materialistic” part

This is the crux of the whole topic. There are actually numerous ways to transform your home from top to bottom in a very low budget. All what is require is a bit of time and lot of creativity. Sharing with you the number of ways through which you can transform your home with a very low budget.

Always remember – Do it yourself is the key

Any home budget depends on two things: material cost + labor cost. Nearly any kind of remodeling or redecorating job is cheaper when you do it yourself for instance, instead of hiring or outsourcing DIY if you can.This will save you from labor cost. For cutting down in material cost look for synthetic materials(as they are cheap) and gives nearly the same desired finish.

save labor cost while installing sheet flooring by doing it yourself

Flooring DIY

Thanks to dynamic changing market of interior materials, now-a-days there are lot of alternative materials which are synthetic and gives same look as like premium materials like wood, marble etc.

Like – instead of spending lot on wooden floor or tile floor – you can use alternative option like PVC vinyl flooring (highly inexpensive) – best part- it comes in tons of texture variety (wooden, marble etc.) and you can install it yourself very easily.

Also, use (inexpensive) carpets/rugs they really jazz up space in case of simple flooring.

One of the cheapest ways to transform a room is to use paints. it helps you in transforming your space in low budget

Walls DIY

One of the cheapest ways to transform a room is to use paints.

Painting can make faded or boring walls look fresh again – or change their color for a completely different look. There are numerous of DIY ideas of painting walls, you can Google for various ideas or do visit our Pinterest ideas board

we Hand curated ideas of everything related to interior and architecture design and yes DIY painting ideas too!

re arranging furniture layout in a space can give a new look to your home and can save you from buying um-necessary furniture thus helps you in designing in low budget

Rearrange Furniture

Decorating or remodeling doesn’t necessarily mean that you need a new furniture, this is we are talking from our experience – most of the time the furniture layout/arrangement is so bad that it makes the whole room looks clutter. Try to rearrange furniture with various options.

buy from local decoration and furniture market to design home in budget

Shop Second Hand & Shop Local

Try not to purchase from a brand when tight on budget instead try weekly/local markets in your area which sells second hand/refurbished furniture or decor items at very good prices.

We regularly post about these kind of markets or main furniture markets of the city (currently for Delhi only) heads to our highlight section on Living Box Design Studio Instagram

lighting can jazz up your space use lamps and you can also make your own lamps to save money while designing home in budget

Use mood lighting

This is very important point and generally overlooked by home owners while redecorating-using right type of lighting/lamps can really lift up your dull & boring spaces.Now a days there are lot of smart lights in market which can bright up in desired colors and also very energy efficient.Also one important thing – there are lot of lamp making ideas you can get through google so instead of purchasing those fancy lamps with high price tag (unless you want something very unique) go for making something of your own and this will helps you in increasing your creativity and gives you a sense of accomplishment too!

For DIY ideas visit our lamps and luminaire ideas board on Pinterest

fabrics is a cheap material to use in interior design and can help you in save money while designing your home in low budget

Change and match fabric

Use fabric of compliment colors- try to mix and match bed sheets /curtains colors with room theme.Also fabrics comes in various texture, colors & pattern so there is a great opportunity in experimenting with fabrics.

We hope this article helps you for designing a good home interior. We would love to hear your thoughts or any other point you think we miss to mention in comment section. You can also connect to us on social handles (links mentioned in sidebar)

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